Our Altrincham Practice

In 2019 our Altrincham practice turned 50, having been on its current site on Regent Road since 1983.

Our history

Established by Ross Maskell as a specialist contact lens practice, his aim was to provide a unique service to enable a wide range of individuals, with differing prescriptions and needs, to be successfully fitted with contact lenses. Subsequently he decided to introduce spectacles with a similar philosophy.

The practice has always been at the forefront of contact lens development and conducted the first clinical trials of the Acuvue Disposable Contact Lens, allowing our patients to be the first in the world to enjoy their benefits. We continue to drive our dedication through investment in the latest and most specialist technologies, to provide the highest level of care for our patients.

In addition to this the practice has always invested heavily in state-of-the-art equipment and training in order to always be able to provide the best level of care possible.

The result of over 50 years of development is a practice that takes each individual’s needs on board when trying to assess their ocular health and work out their best optical requirements. This takes into account the latest technologies available for eye-health screening as well as in spectacles (frames and lenses) and in contact lenses.

In December 2016 Ross Maskell decided it was time to start planning his retirement and by May 2017 the business was taken over by Ross’s colleague Anthony Josephson. Mr Maskell fully retired at the end of October 2017. The practice philosophy remains the same: to offer the very best clinical care and a fantastic range of products to suit each individual’s preferences.

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Where we are

Located in the heart of Altrincham town centre on Regent Road.

Practice Front
The Practice - Internal
The Practice - Internal



  • Mr Anthony Josephson
    Mr Anthony Josephson Optometrist

    Anthony joined the practice at the start of 2013. He holds a ‘Master of Optometry’ degree from Manchester University. He is very enthusiastic, and passionate about diagnostic technology designed to help detect and diagnose conditions sooner. In May 2017 Anthony took over the ownership of the business from Ross Maskell.

  • Benjamin Ayliffe
    Benjamin Ayliffe Optometrist

    Benjamin Ayliffe has been with us since June 2017. He graduated with a first class masters degree from the university of Manchester and in 2020 achieved additional qualifications in both independent prescribing and medical retina.

  • Kelly Keenan BA(Hons), MA, FBDO
    Kelly Keenan BA(Hons), MA, FBDO Manager & Dispensing Optician

    Kelly has been a part of the team here since 2006. She is a qualified dispensing optician and has a Masters degree.

  • Megan Brown BA(Hons)
    Megan Brown BA(Hons) Clinical Assistant

    Megan joined our team in 2014. She is a qualified dispensing optician and is currently training to be a contact lens optician. In addition to this she runs a diagnostic clinic on Tuesdays to support our clinics and those of local consultant ophthalmologists.

  • Paula Wilson
    Paula Wilson

    Paula is responsible for managing all the financial aspects of the business including invoicing, paying suppliers, VAT and management accounts.