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Our Care Plans Schemes Explained

Our priority, at Maskell + Josephson, is to provide world-class eye-care as well as top quality service and products. By joining one of our care plan schemes you allow us to provide this to you without any additional fees. Care plans are paid by Direct Debit and can be paid monthly, quarterly, or annually on the 1st or 15th of the month.


This scheme costs £6 per month (£5 for new Warrington patients if joining before December 31st 2020).
This is reduced to £5 per month per person if more than one person registers per household.
A household scheme is available from £15 per month and covers all individuals within one household.

All schemes include the following:

  • All eye examinations.
  • Additional tests including OCT, retinal imaging, Optomap imaging and corneal topography (Optomap only available in Altrincham).
  • Additional consultations, to address any concerns you may have, all included.
  • Digital Copies of any images captured (if requested).
  • 10% off spectacles (frames, lenses, ready readers, sunglasses).
  • The option to pay for your glasses on an interest free direct debit plan.
  • First look at all new frames once they’re in stock.*
  • 10% off all gift cards purchased.
  • Priority appointments – availability on the day left for direct debit members.
  • 10% off any hearing aid purchased in store from our partners at THCP.

CONTACT LENS WEARERS (benefits include all the above in addition to the below).

This scheme costs £12 per month and covers all of the above and the extras below:
This is reduced to £11 per month if more than one person registers per household.
A household scheme is available for £40 per month and covers all individuals within one household.

ALL contact lens direct debits that are set up to include the contact lenses themselves incorporate the above monthly fees and all of the same benefits apply. Additional benefits of the contact lens schemes include:

  • Contact lens appointments included
  • Appointments related to contact lens problems included.
  • 10% off over the counter solutions, salines, lubricating eye drops
  • The option to add solutions to your direct debit
    • Basic solutions package. One solution for £6 per month.
    • Complete solutions package. All required solutions for £10 per month.
  • Reduced price contact lenses compared to when bought if not on a direct debit.
  • No postage fees.
  • The option to have lenses delivered regularly, and automatically, to an address of your choice (when lenses are included in the direct debit costs).
  • Additional standard soft lenses if any are lost or damaged.
  • Reduced price replacement gas permeable or custom lenses if lost or damaged.
  • Refit appointments to trial new lenses all included.


Entire household schemes are available to cover as many people as live within the household. All the benefits listed apply to every member of the household.


If all members of the household are non contact lens wearers.


This covers all consultations including contact lens ones for all members of the household.

SOME CONTACT LENS WEARERS £20 per month + £6 per lens wearer

If you have any questions then please do get in touch.


*email address required with preference settings to allow marketing

£99 Adult Collection

Available in: Altrincham and Warrington


We offer a range of frames for £99, including lenses with anti-reflection coatings.

Upgrades are available for higher prescriptions and more sophisticated lens designs.