Coronavirus / COVID-19 information – updated 23/3/20

To all of our lovely patients, customers and people of Altrincham and beyond.

I hope you and those close to you are keeping well and safe. Nobody knows what the next few months will bring but I wanted to update you on what we, at Maskell + Josephson, are doing to ensure we can continue to take care of our patients.

I have made the difficult but necessary decision to implement some major changes in the running of the practice. The safety of our team and our patients and customers (many who we treat like friends and family) is by far the most important thing.

We are open and we expect to remain so throughout this crisis, although we are doing this on a limited capacity (more on this in a moment) in order to protect our incredible team of staff. We are of course taking every possible measure to ensure that we remain a safe space for all and an important part of this is to restrict the number of people who come into the practice.

Until further notice, we will be offering only what could be categorised as “high priority” appointments, those that are essential or emergency-based, with our team. So if you are simply making an appointment for a routine check up or eye examination then we ask that you postpone this until normal service has been resumed and if you let us know this is your intention we’ll add you to the list to be first in when that happens.

If you have any concerns with your eyes, are in need of a new pair of glasses (perhaps you’ve lost your glasses, your only pair is on its last legs or worse, broken!) or need your glasses adjusting, or any other situation where you need our help, then we will do everything possible to ensure we are here to take care of you. Simply contact us to arrange an appointment so we can ensure that the numbers of people within our store are kept as low as possible over this period.

If you need supplies of contact lenses and solutions, these can be posted to you without any additional charges. If we’re under legal requirement to assess things before providing you with the lenses we will advise you of this and if you’re having no issues we can satisfy the current requirements with a telephone consultation.

If you have ordered any glasses or contact lenses from us already then these will be with us as expected. We will then be in touch to arrange delivery, where possible, or to arrange for you to come in to collect them if needed.

To arrange any of the above either call the practice (0161 941 6517) or email, or you can use the messaging service from your MySight online account if registered on our website for this. I can be contacted using any of these methods or if you’re considered a “high risk” individual and/or would prefer to be seen at a time when only I am in the practice then please request this or contact me on 07877 806 531 or to

Please note you will not be able to book any appointments through the online system during this time but you can message us through it.

We will be staffed and around to help Mondays to Fridays between 09:00 and 17:30 and on Saturdays between 09:00 and 17:00, as normal. If you have a concern that needs addressing outside of these hours then please use the mobile number above (call, text or WhatsApp) or my personal email as above.

By taking these steps now, I am confident that whatever the future brings we will be able to continue to provide the high standard of service you have always received. Whilst there will be fewer staff in the practice at any one time all the staff will remain employed and on full salary throughout the crisis.


We look forward to welcoming you back into the practice in better times.


As always thank you so much for your support and for your understanding.

With my very best wishes

Anthony Josephson