Broadly speaking we offer three types of direct debits; one for those who wear contact lenses, one for those who don’t, and a family scheme to cover multiple people.

All of our schemes includes the following:

  • 10% off all spectacles (frames, lenses, ready readers and sunglasses) ****NEW FOR 2019****
  • Priority appointments – availability each day left exclusively for direct debit members ****NEW FOR 2019****
  • All routine eye examinations
  • Additional tests (OCT, photos, Optomap etc) all included
  • Additional consultations or unplanned eye examinations, to address any eye concerns you may have, all included
  • Digital Copies of any images captured (if requested)


This scheme costs £10 per month and includes all the above benefits.


This scheme costs £12 per month and covers all of the above and the extras below:

  • Contact lens appointments included
  • Appointments related to contact lens problems included
  • 10% off over the counter solutions, salines, lubricating eye drops

The option to add solutions to your direct debit:

  • Basic solutions package – one solution for £6 per month
  • Complete solutions package – all required solutions for £10 per month
  • Reduced price contact lenses compared to when bought if not on a direct debit
  • No postage fees
  • The option to have lenses delivered regularly to an address of your choice (when lenses are included in the direct debit costs)
  • Additional soft lenses if any are lost or damaged
  • Reduced price replacement gas permeable lenses if lost or damaged
  • Refit appointments to trial new lenses all included

ALL contact lens direct debits that are set up to include the contact lenses themselves incorporate the £12 per month in the charges and all of the above benefits apply.


The benefits of this are the same as the above but the more people who join the cheaper it works out per person. You are eligible for this provided one member of the family is under 30.

Please contact us if you would like more information on this.

Direct debits can be paid monthly, quarterly, or annually on the 1st or 15th of the month.

Our priority, at Maskell + Associates, is to provide world-class eye-care as well as top quality service and products. By joining one of the above schemes you allow us to provide this to you without any additional fees.