January 2021 Lockdown

New Coronavirus Update – 4th January 2021

Hi everyone. Happy new year to you all and what a great way to launch into 2021!

Tonight’s press conference by the Prime Minister kept referencing that things will be “more like they were in March last year”. The main difference from our point of view is that as things currently stand eye-care remains unaffected. This latest lockdown looks likely to remain as is for the next two months or so.

We remain open for all of our eye care services. This is subject to change as things progress and you can trust me to send you any relevant updates as soon as I have them.

With all the COVID measures we put in to place last year I genuinely believe we are safe for all to attend. A break-down and reminder of some of these measures is below. The elderly or vulnerable have once again been asked to shield. I think this is a sensible idea but this should not be at a cost to one’s eyes. We’re still running about 4 months behind in routine appointments due to the effects of last Spring and still seeing the effects of doing this. It is critical that if you’re due for an appointment that you attend. If you’re not happy to do so, and we write to you to advise that you are now due, please let us know. We’ll add you to a new list so that we can contact you when things settle down. Needless to say urgent concerns need addressing even sooner. I don’t care how old you are or how vulnerable you are. If you have any problems with your eyes or your eyesight let us take care of you. We can arrange for a video consultation or phone call at first, if you like, and only then if we feel it necessary will we arrange a face-to-face appointment with you.

Some of our measures include:

  • A locked door policy – entry only with an appointment.
  • Temperature checks on entry, hand sanitiser used on entry (additional sanitiser readily available).
  • A waiting room that now hold only two pairs of people. Please don’t bring more than one person to your appointment.
  • Huge investment in technologies allowing distancing during testing and dispensing. In a 45 minute consultation we’ll only be within 1 metre of you (without a breath shield present) for a few seconds at a time and only a few times per consultation. 
  • All frames are available to try on but are not on display to avoid being touched. Each frame gets sterilised fully in one of our UV baths after any contact.
  • All staff will wear masks and visors when around you and each other.

Without sounding too much like a broken record we’re open, we’re safe and we’re here to look after your eyes.

Without sounding too much like a broken record we’re open, we’re safe and we’re here to look after your eyes.

I appreciate how difficult these times can be for some people. If you live alone or the pressures of lockdown are getting to you please let me know. I’m not sure we can arrange an appointment for you to come in and have a cup of tea and biscuit with me but I’ll put myself on the other end of a phone line and we can have a nice little chat to try and brighten up the day.

I wish you, your family and all those close to you all the very best of health.

Anthony Josephson (and the Maskell + Josephson team).