July 2021 COVID-19 Update

COVID update 16th July 2021

From July 19th the law changes with regards to many things COVID related, including changes affecting social distancing and mask wearing.

The advice for opticians around England is that we remain in, what the College of Optometrists calls, the Amber phase. This is where we’ve been since June 2020 so effectively nothing changes for us.
Due to the close nature of our work we will continue to request face coverings be worn when in the practice, but will continue to allow these to be removed when in a safe space and trying on glasses.
Our frames will continue to be sanitised after they’ve been tried on, and we’ll continue to limit the number of people in our store at any one time.
Our longer appointments are not only sticking around for COVID safety but they’re sticking around for good. We’re really pleased with how we’ve adapted this last 16 months and feel we’ve bettered ourselves from where we were before the pandemic hit and will continue to maintain these levels, and improve even further, as time goes on.
The only change we’re making is that you now no longer need an appointment to enter the practice, so if you have something to pick up or want to come and browse our glasses collections then feel free to pop by without an appointment. However, as we’re still limiting the number of people in the shop at any time appointments are still encouraged as you otherwise may have to wait if we’re at capacity, before you can enter.
We have a new improved online booking system where you can book not only for yourself but on behalf of someone else too. You can book for all your clinical consultations and also to browse glasses, collect your glasses and even book in to see our in-house audiologist for your free hearing health checks and assessments.
Don’t forget that until the end of July we continue to offer 30% off all our sunglasses.
Whether you’re happy being out and about a bit more or anxious about what’s going on you can rest assured that we’ll continue to look after you in a safe and protective environment whilst continuing to offer excellent care of your eyes, brilliant choices of glasses and all done with a big smile on our faces – even if you still can’t see the smiles just yet.
As always if you have any questions, concerns or comments we’d love to hear from you (by either replying to this email or leaving us an online review) and look forward to welcoming you back soon.

All the very best,


Anthony Josephson

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