There are many different options available when it comes to correcting your vision. As you would imagine, we only work with the best in lens manufacturing to offer our patients the best possible vision. By selecting the best and most comfortable option for you we can help prevent eye-strain, fatigue and headaches. It is so important that your eyes get the best.

We can help you choose from the following types of spectacle lenses:

All of our lenses come with the best anti-reflection coatings possible at no extra cost, with the option on many to add our brand new anti-fog coating, at no extra cost. This is more useful now than ever before due to the need to wear face coverings or masks when out and about.

  • Single vision
  • Varifocal – different designs for different requirements
  • Bifocal – less popular these days but still provide the right solution for some patients
  • Computer / interview lenses
  • Digital / anti-fatigue lenses
  • Protective lenses – to cut out harmful ultra violet and blue light for macular degeneration sufferers
  • Photochromic lenses  – adapt to lighting conditions
  • Sport spectacles – for specialist activities such as cycling, skiing, etc.
  • NEW Adaptive Sun Lens – a tinted lens that ranges in intensity depending on the brightness around you.

You’re unique, Why aren’t your lenses?

Did you know every eye is different? Just like every individual, a person’s eyes are unique and they deserve to be treated as such.

Thanks to amazing technology by Zeiss, Nikon and Shamir our lenses can be customised based on millions of variables. This means:

  • Less need to adjust posture, even when looking through the lens periphery.
  • More comfortable vision over the entire lens.
  • Wider field of view and depth of focus in varifocal lenses.
  • Low contrast images are clearer to see in dimmer lighting.