Caring for the sight of your children

We treat all children with the care and attention they deserve, ensuring their developing eyes are taken care of properly.

Children’s eyes are ever changing as they grow and develop and ensuring they are well looked after is vital to their health.

There is no correct age for a child to have their first eye examination. The younger they are when first seen the sooner anything of concern can be detected and the better the likely outcome will be.

Children’s spectacles can be prescribed to correct or relieve:

  • A squint
  • A refractive error, such as long or short sightedness
  • Headaches and eye strain

Research shows early childhood is marked by critical periods and this includes their vision.

In children seven years and younger, when spectacles are required they will likely be needed full time in order to help the neurological development of their vision. If refractive errors are not corrected, or compliance with the treatment is poor, then a permanent reduction in vision may occur and after this time they can’t be improved upon.

If your child shows signs of squinting, crossing their eyes, excessive tearing or abnormal light reflexes in the pupil on photographs, then make an appointment for an eye examination.

Your child may not always show symptoms of poor vision, so it is essential that they have their eyes checked by the optometrist or local eye clinic.

Baby wearing glasses
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