Here at Maskell + Josephson we pride ourselves on tailoring our eye examination to the individual, to allow us to examine the health of your eyes and provide you with the clearest and most comfortable form of correction, to suit your needs and lifestyle.

Our private eye examinations include:

All of our eye examinations are fully COVID secure and last 45 minutes. All the imaging, pre-screening and consultation will be carried out by your optometrist who’ll make sure everything is cleaned down before use and conduct a significant proportion of the consultation from several metres away allowing greater distancing throughout.

This time spent with the optometrist not only allows for a detailed examination, but provides time to discuss any ocular issues, receive advice on ocular health and to discuss the different options available to correct your vision.

Any concerns and issues can be referred onto your GP privately, by our optometrist, or can remain internal for other examinations to take place, such as visual fields or OCT scans.

If you are planning to have a look at our excellent range of spectacle frames or discuss some new options with regards to spectacles lenses then it is likely you will be in the practice for more than an hour in total. Please make sure you allow for this time when you arrange transport or pay for nearby parking.

Our Eye Examination
Woman eye test