Our specialist fitting abilities include:


An eye condition in which the cornea (front surface of the eye) becomes distorted due to lack of inherent strength. It is corrected by putting a specifically designed contact lens onto the cornea to create a new front surface to the eye, hence restoring vision.

Specialist lens designs to correct Kerataconus are:

  • Rose K gas permeable
  • Dyna Z intra limbal
  • SO Clear semi-scleral
  • Kerasoft IC & Kerasoft 3


High Astigmatism

  • Custom designed and made soft toric lenses
  • SO Clear semi-scleral
  • Dyna Z intra limbal
  • Kerasoft IC & Kerasoft  3
  • Rose K
  • So Clear


Corneal Grafts

  • Dyna Z intra limbal
  • SO Clear semi-scleral
  • Extra large gas permeable lenses


Ortho K

This is a suitable correction for low degrees of short-sight of up to – 4.00. It involves wearing a contact lens overnight which gently re-shapes the eye and corrects the vision. It is removed on waking and the individual then has normal vision for the day.

Contact Lenses