A visual fields analyser can be used to measure both the size and sensitivity of your visual field (the area which you can see).

A person’s visual field can be affected by neurological disorders as well as directly being affected by the eyes.

Visual field testing is often split into three categories;

  • Visual field screening – a standard, basic test to quickly check your peripheral vision for any gross abnormalities
  • A full-threshold visual field test (strongly advised for anyone over 40 with glaucoma in their family). This test establishes your sensitivity to light in different locations over the retina. This can then be used to detect subtle changes over time, which can often be indicative of the onset of glaucoma
  • DVLA visual fields – this test is performed with both eyes simultaneously in order to make sure you meet, and hopefully exceed, the visual requirements to be legal to drive. Different results may be required according to the type of driving licence you hold. Unfortunately the DVLA no longer have contracts with independent practices and so whilst we are still able to offer this service it is only as a supplementary private test and would not be covered by the DVLA.
Visual field analyser